How To Hide A Septic Tank With A Fake Rock Cover

How To Hide A Septic With A Fake Rock CoverAnyone living in rural areas knows how ugly septic tank risers can be. The big round concrete and plastic shapes sticking up from the ground always manage to clash with the landscaping and stick out like a sore thumb.

Many homeowners opt to disguise their septic using fake rocks to hide them. However, with so many different sizes of septic tanks out there, it can be tricky to find the correct size fake rock cover for your particular application.

This image will show you how to measure the septic tank in your yard in 3 easy steps. When measuring it’s important to remember the difference between diameter and circumference.

  1. – Measure the height of the septic tank from the ground to the top of the cap.
  2. – Measure the diameter of the septic tank itself, and also note the size of the junction box on the side if there is one.
  3. – Select a fake rock cover using the interior dimension charts (or just enter the dimensions in the form on this page and we will suggest rock models that will work for your application).

Circumference is the distance around the edge of the tank, and diameter is a measurement straight across the middle while standing directly over the top.

It’s diameter that’s important! Also, make sure you accurately measure the height of the septic tank and note if there is a junction box on the side of the tank.

Another important thing to consider when covering a septic with a Mock Rock is venting. It’s a good idea to install a vent or two in the rock enclosure in order to allow proper venting. Even if there is no vent visible on the septic cap or riser it’s still a good idea to vent the rock cover. Vents may not be clearly visible on your septic tank, so just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

Vents can be purchased with any of the DekoRRa Mock Rock covers at We offer a free install option as well where the vents will be painted to match the selected rock color and installed prior to shipment. There is additional information on venting and the different sizes of vents available here. For most septic applications one of the 3″ or 4″ vents will suffice.

Customers often ask if insulation is needed over a septic cap or riser when in cold climates. In almost all circumstances the answer is no. While insulation is important when covering backflow valves, irrigation components, well tanks and other utilities subject to freeze damage, septic tanks do not need to be insulated.

Since most of the fake rocks designed for septic applications are lower to the ground, wind is usually not an issue. But to play it safe DekoRRa includes ground stakes with all of their septic rock enclosures. The stakes are pounded through holes in patented flanges molded into the base of the rock. It’s a nice feature because it adds a bit of security by making it more difficult to lift the rock up and expose the septic tank. If you have kids around security is always a bonus!
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