Hunting For Deer Protection? Try Fake Rocks!

Our customers are great! And we get a lot of positive feedback and ideas from them all the time. One interesting use for fake rocks that came up recently was using them as shields for protection against hungry deer who want to use the landscaping around their homes as food plots!

In most cases, the landscaping around a home features a variety of different flowers, plants, shrubs, and bushes. Deer always seem to single out a few species as their favorite main course for a little pre-rut snack. As fruits and vegetables taste different to us all, and we all have our favorites, deer are the same way about plants, shrubs, and bushes. Some are good to eat in the dead of winter when food is scarce and the deer are weary from being hunted all fall, while other varieties are so tasty they are sought out any time of year.

It’s these super tasty types that you might consider protecting, especially at night. If you discover damage or missing leaves on a particular plant, using a fake rock to cover it at night can be a great way to close the freezer door on that deer and let it know your landscaping is not a food plot! Unlike rabbits, who tend to nibble and strip the bark off the main stem, deer tend to bite the entire branch off and munch it down whole. Plants will appear pruned down to the stem. And if there’s one thing deer are good at remembering, it’s where on the land they can find good food fast and easy. So once they find a type of plant or shrub they like the taste of, you can count on it that they’ll be back for more.

Flipping a fake rock over a plant or bush offers total protection from hungry whitetail, rabbits and other critters. The edges can be staked down to prevent the rock from being tipped off the plant, and the lightweight design makes them easy to use. Just don’t forget to remove the rock in the morning! It would be a shame to suffocate your favorite plant by mistake.

In most cases, a hungry deer will hunt for different land to feed on once his favorite table fare is taken off the menu by a fake rock cover. Hitting the area with an anti-deer spray can also help. And if nothing else, you can always wait until hunting season and put that deer on your dinner menu!
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