Insulated Outdoor Decorative Well Covers For Large Pumps & Tanks

Many people looking to buy outdoor decorative well covers for large well pumps and well pressure tanks find it challenging because there isn’t much of a selection, and what is available can be quite expensive.

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As a first step when looking to buy outdoor decorative well covers it’s important to consider what type of insulation is needed in order to provide adequate frost and freeze protection. Depending on where the outdoor well is located, insulating and or heating the well pump and pressure tank may be necessary.

Are Insulated Decorative Well Covers Necessary For Large Pumps & Tanks?

If you live in an area where the temperatures dip below the freezing mark for an extended period of time, then an insulated decorative well cover may be a wise choice. Decorative well covers for large pumps and tanks can be purchased with the insulation incorporated into the hard walls of the enclosure fake boulder pump houseor as a separate insulation bag or blanket.

Using a well insulation bag usually provides better R-value because it forms a tighter seal around the wellhead or well pressure tank. Many insulation bags for large outdoor well pumps and pressure tanks are manufactured with grommets positioned at the end near the opening. This way if the insulation bag is placed over a large outdoor well pressure tank it can be fastened to the bottom of the tank to pin it down and prevent the wind from uncovering it.

Large outdoor well pressure tanks will require large size insulation bags, but keep in mind that the insulation need not extend all the way to the ground.  At the base of the well pressure tank is a pedestal, and this pedestal does not need to be covered.

In order to save money, many hhomeownerselect to insulate large outdoor well pressure tanks using just an insulation bag or blanket, leaving the hard cover out of the equation. While this can save money, it’s not usually considered an ideal route.

For one, when left out in the elements the large pressure tank insulation bag is prone to U.V. damage, damage from rodents, tampering, and other factors. If it’s a temporary scenario when an insulation bag is placed over a well pressure tank for a couple days during a cold spell, or at night when the temperature drops then it’s usually viable. But throwing an insulation bag over a large outdoor well pressure tank and leaving it out there year round and 24/7 is never a good idea.

Insulated decorative well covers for large outdoor wells & pressure tanks are better if they include a hard shell in addition to the insulation material. The hard shell enclosure is important for 3 reasons:

  • It provides protection from the wind and helps retain heat;
  • It provides security and protection from theft and tampering;
  • It helps keep critters out and prevents U.V. damage;

While going with a standalone outdoor well insulation bag is going to save money right out of the gates, chances are it’s going to end up costing more in the long run if the pump or tank is damaged from freezing weather or frost. This is the main reason we suggested hard covers insulated decorative well pump covers for large outdoor wells and pressure tanks.
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