Large Outdoor Well Pressure Tank Insulation

Large outdoor well pressure tank insulation can be important for home owners with large outdoor well pumps on their property. Whether or not well tank insulation is necessary depends primarily on the region of the U.S. you reside in and how cold it gets during winter months.

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Pressure vessel insulation usually appears in the form of an insulated bag, pouch, blanket, or parka which is slid over or wrapped around the tank to provide R-value and prevent frost and or freeze damage.

Insulation Bag For Outdoor Well Pressure TankIt’s important to choose a means of insulation that is highly weatherproof and U.V. resistant. When insulation material becomes damp or wet, it can degrade and lose its ability to retain warmth. If the outer shell of the pressure tank insulation blanket is damaged by U.V. rays it can become weak and brittle, allowing moisture inside where the insulation material is. Because of this, it is a good idea to choose a brand of polar parka that is highly U.V. resistant.

Large Outdoor Well Pressure Tank Insulation By DekoRRa

The DekoRRa brand we sell provides an R-value of 13 which is highly suitable for most large outdoor water well applications. The outer shell material is highly U.V. resistant and will not become brittle and crack when exposed to the sun. The exterior insulation is heat sealed into the waterproof bag material to encapsulate it and ensure it remains dry regardless of the exterior weather conditions.

Unlike sewn or stitched well pressure tank insulation bags which can become weak at the seams and rely on the thread to hold the edges together, the heat-sealed design offered with the DekoRRa brand is much more efficient and can withstand U.V. rays and weather much more effectively.

It’s important to carefully measure both the height and the diameter of the well pressure tank. Many large outdoor well tanks are mounted alongside an electric well pump on a concrete slab to provide a solid and even foundation. When measuring the height of the tank, consider the metal or plastic stand that the tank is sitting on.

In most applications, it is not necessary to insulate all the way down to the ground because the stand is not usually considered part of the tank. Although insulating all the way to the ground including the tank stand isn’t going to lead to any problems as long as the insulation bag, parka, or blanket is not covering the electric pump itself.

It’s important to remember the electric pump motor requires air flow and ventilation in order to prevent it from overheating and becoming damaged. While these well pumps can be enclosed in a vented hardcover to provide protection, one does not want to cover them with part of the large outdoor well pressure tank insulation because damage to the well pump motor can result.
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