Covering Large Outdoor Pumps & Tanks

Homeowners with full-size outdoor pumps often have the need for large well covers and well tank covers to insulate and protect the pump and nearby pressure tank. Large format well tanks and pumps can be tricky to enclose. While there’s oftentimes a need to insulate and provide freeze protection, the electric pump motor needs air flow in order to prevent overheating and the need for expensive repair if the motor goes bad.

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The ideal setup is an insulation bag placed over the well pressure tank, and a hard vented enclosure like a large fake rock placed over both the pressure tank and the pump. This way the well tank is insulated with freeze protection and the electric pump motor is not insulated to protect from overheating

Anchoring Large Well Covers & Well Tank Covers For Wind Protection

DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 114 Fake Rock CoverLarge outdoor well covers and well tank covers are usually quite tall and can be affected by high winds if not anchored down. Many of the fake rock covers such as the DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 104 and the larger Mock Rock Model 114 feature flanges at the base through which anchors are driven to pin the edges of the rock to the ground or concrete slab. When choosing an anchoring system for large well covers and well tanks, it’s important to consider the fact that the well pressure tank and pump may need maintenance every now and them. Because of this, it’s important that the well tank cover can be quickly and easily lifted off to allow for easy access.

Building a pump house is another option, but going this route can be quite expensive and most of the pump house designs are going to need frequent upkeep.  We offer fake rock combo kits which include both the large fake rock cover and a suitable insulation bag. This way you get both the well pressure tank insulation and the hard, durable rock cover in one easy to use package. Vents can be installed in the fake rocks prior to shipping. With the vents painted to match the color of the rock to help them blend in. These Frostmeister Rock and insulation bag combos are becoming very popular with homeowners looking for a fast and easy solution offering extreme durability with zero maintenance.
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