New DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 119

The new versatile DekoRRa Model 119 Mock Rock is a great choice for covering small to medium septics, cleanouts, pond skimmers and more. The low profile fake rock cover is one of DekoRRa’s latest designs incorporating the Real Rock molding technology creating extremely realistic colors and textures designed to accurately mimic the appearance of real rocks.

DekoRRa Mock Rock 119ABUnlike other brands of fake rocks, DekoRRa molds the colorant and texturing right into the exterior rock walls. The resulting finish offers unmatched realism and durability without the chipping and flaking common seen with painted rock covers.

DekoRRa’s advanced U.V. inhibitors are molded in to provide extensive protection from U.V. damage over time. From scorching California sun to freezing cold Midwestern winters, DekoRRa fake rock covers are built to last.

The Model 119 Mock Rock is designed to fill a void between the smaller Model 108 and the larger sized Model 118. Vents can be purchased and installed prior to shipping. This allows the user to cover septic tanks and clean-outs with proper air flow.

DekoRRa also includes easy to use ground stakes which are pounded through patented flanges at the base of the rock. Regardless of how low profile or aerodynamic a fake rock cover appears, ground stakes are crucial for security and wind protection. DekoRRa’s unique flange and stake design offers home owners a fast and efficient means of pinning the fake rock enclosure to the ground where even extreme wind will not move it.

The worry free design is also highly impact and string trimmer resistant so damage from every day traffic around the rock is not of concern. The design is strong enough to withstand people sitting on the rock as well.

For additional information on the new DekoRRa Model 119 and the complete line of DekoRRa Mock Rock Covers please click here.

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