New DekoRRa Model 118 Fake Rocks For Septics

New for 2018, the DekoRRa Model 118 Mock Rock is another great choice for homeowners in the market for fake rocks designed to hide unsightly septic caps, covers, and risers.

septic-cleanout-rock-cover 118The Model 118 is available in four natural colors: Fieldstone, Riverbed, Autumn Bluff and Sandstone. All colors feature DekoRRa’s patented “Real-Rock” molding process creating super realistic textures with advanced U.V. protective resins that prevent sun fade. Snow, rain or searing summer heat, these fake rocks are ultra-rugged and can stand the test of time

This particular fake rock is ideal for small to medium sized septic tanks up to 8″ high and with up to 30″ diameter. As is the case with all Mock Rock models, the amount of interior space decreases with height, making it imperative to consult the sizing charts prior to ordering.

The Model 118 can also be used to disguise septic cleanouts, manhole covers, valve boxes, and any other lawn and garden utilities. Vents can be included with purchase and are painted to match the rock color and installed prior to shipping. Vent sizes range from 1.5″ to 4″.

DekoRRa includes stakes with each Model 118 Mock Rock to secure the edges to the ground via patented flanges molded along the outside. This is important as it prevents the rocks from blowing away under windy conditions.
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