Choose a Rock Well Cover that fits perfectly over your home water well at

Water well risers and outdoor pumps can be very ugly when positioned out in the yard. It is not wise to simply hide them with bushes or shrubs because at times they will need access and the roots from trees and shrubs can damage well piping.

The Solution Is Simple: A Rock Well Cover!

All it takes is a tape measure to determine the height, length, and width of the well and compare the dimensions to the different hollow rock sizes. Many of the DekoRRa Rock Well Cover models are specifically constructed to fit a variety of well sizes and configurations quickly and easily.

Many customers ask us if it is necessary to vent a rock well cover in order to prevent the electric pump motor from overheating when it is running in warm summer months.

If the well has a submerged pump then no vent is necessary. However, if the well pump is positioned above grade then it is wise to provide air flow to prevent the pump motor from getting too hot and burning out.

Depending on the size of the well pump most customers have teo or three vents installed in the rock well cover prior to installing it. Insulation is another option to consider if the well will be exposed to frost and freezing winter temperatures.
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