The Best Submersible Deep Well Pump Reviews

In areas where the water table is down beyond the 25-foot mark, submersible deep well pumps are the popular choice. Shallow water well jet pumps can only build up enough pressure to push water up from depths of about 25 feet or less, so in many parts of the country the deep well submersible pumps are the top-rated option.

The best-rated submersible deep well pumps will have:

  • A powerful electric pump motor designed to run quietly and with very little vibration;
  • A waterproof outer shell that is sealed to protect the internal motor components from moisture and water damage;
  • High quality steel shaft bearings on the motor and pump for extreme durability;

Tear-proof plastic, stainless steel and rubber pump components that will not crack or break;

For well installations under 25 feet consider a shallow water jet pump instead.

Whether you are installing a new deep water well or replacing an existing well pump with a new one, here are our picks for the best submersible deep well pumps for your project:

?Hallmark Industries MA0414X-7 Deep Well Submersible Pump

Made by Hallmark Industries, an American company with years of experience the MA0414X-7 features a powerful 1 horsepower pump capable of pushing up to 33 gallons per minute of water. This is a dual wire pump with a built in control box for added convenience and ease of installation. This unit also features built-in thermal overheat protection.

?Red Lion 14942402 Submersible Deep Well Pump

Red Lion has become a top-rated brand in deep and shallow well pumps. This model is wired for 2 or 3 wire motors and features an included control box. A suction filter screen is fabricated into the pump design which is primarily stainless steel. There is also a built-in check valve to prevent backflow water from working its way back into the well from the home or connected building.

?SCHRAIBERPUMP 4″ Deep Well Submersible Pump

With a maximum depth approaching 250 feet the Schraiberpump 4″ submersible has been improved for 2021 with a design that creates more water pressure and a faster GPM for added water flow. The casing is stainless steel and provides a maximum of 100 PSI. No control box is needed and this pump runs on 230 Volts.

?SHYLIYU Submersible Pumps 3″ OD Pipe 110V/60HZ

The Shyliyu is another top contender with great reviews across the board. This submersible well pump runs at 110V and comes equipped with a 33 foot electrical cord. This unit features a maximum GPM of 16 with a horsepower rating of .33.

? Goulds 10HS05422C 4″ Submersible Water Well Pump

This submersible pump manufactured by Goulds is another top selection for applications requiring a 4″ unit capable of pushing up to 10 Gallons Per Minute of water. The 230V motor in this model generates up to 1/2 horsepower of water pumping thrust.

? Happybuy 25.5 GPM Stainless Steel Deep Well Pump for Industrial and Home Use

You’ll be all smiles with this powerful submersible well pump made by HappyBuy. With an impressive 25 and a half gallon per minute thrust and a durable stainless steel housing this uunit is robust enough for residential and industrial applications. This unit includes a 5 foot power cord and a built in backflow protection check valve.

How Do Submersible Deep Water Well Pumps Function?

Submersible deep well pumps are used to push water from a well into an area where it is needed. In order for this to occur, the well pump must be able to push at least twice as much water as the well itself. That is, in order to push water from the well into an area, the pump must be able to pump that water several times as fast as water is being pumped from the well itself. In order for this to happen, the pump must be connected to a pressure tank and the water pressure must be sufficient to push through the pipes of the pump. This will create pressure, which is the foundation for water flow.

Why Install A Submersible Well Pump In Your Deep Water Well?

Installing a deep well pump in your home will upgrade the water supply, reduce pumping costs and allow you to enjoy a deeper water well. Installing one is the best way to assure your well provides the water you need at a reasonable cost. Many homeowners choose to install their own well pump to avoid paying additional fees to a local licensing board. Before you take the plunge, learn how to install a shallow water well pump so you avoid costly pitfalls.

What To Look For After You Buy A Top Rated Submersible Pump?

When unpacking your factory-packed submersible deep well pump, look it over for damage. Do not use it unless damage is detected. The submersible pumps come with a special casing that protects them from shock and other damages that can occur during use. Also look to make sure all the necessary wiring is in the box along with a control box if one is included in the purchase price.

Deep Well Submersible Pump Maintenance

the finest quality submersible pumpsSince these units are water-cooled, and surrounded by cool water all of the time (unless the well runs dry) there is very little heat generated by the electric pump motor. With heat being the main culprit in breaking down electrical motors, these submersible pumps for deepwater wells really require much in terms of maintenance. If the pump begins to screech or whine when in use it can mean bad motor bearings or other issues. But with everything sealed within the stainless steel pump housing there really isn’t much one can do maintenance wise other than make sure the pump is never run dry.

How To Hide Or Cover The Exposed Well Head?

Even though the pump will be underground and out of view, there is still the well riser that is usually visible. Many homeowners find these metal statues an eyesore and would rather blend them into the surrounding landscape. A fake rock well cover is an ideal solution for hiding these water well risers.

Choosing the best deep well submersible pump isn’t rocket science!

If you find yourself replacing an existing submersible well pump the easiest route is to buy the identical unit that is currently installed in the well sleeve. If it’s no longer available just take careful measurements of the pump and make sure the new pump you purchase matches the SPECS and dimensions of the current unit.

Keep in mind that residential and industrial DIY submersible well pump installations may require some hard wiring, so be sure you have the appropriate power source nearby and always consider safety first when working around electricity!
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