The Top Ten DekoRRa Mock Rocks

Finding the best DekoRRa Mock Rocks for your particular project or application can be a challenge with all the different shapes and sizes to choose from.

This list of top ten DekoRRa Mock Rocks is based on several years of assisting customers to choose different rock models. It’s a list of the top 10 best selling models over the last 8 years or so.

Bear in mind that DekoRRa is always adding new Mock Rock models to fit different applications. So many of the rock models have only been on the market for a couple of years, while others have been around for quite some time.

1. DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 107

DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 107 Fake Rock Well Cover

While it's not the most realistic in terms of shape, the DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 107 continues to be a top seller primarily because of its ability to cover small residential water wells and septic vent pipes.

The tall and slender shape of the 107 model looks best when blended into a landscaped area or surrounded by shrubs or tall flowers. Set out in the yard all by itself, the DekoRRa Model 107 Mock Rock can appear a bit out of place.

Available DekoRRa Model 107 Colors: 107RB Riverbed, 107FS Fieldstone, 107SS Sandstone, 107AB Autumn Bluff

2. DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 111

With residential septic systems a common eyesore across rural America, it's no surprise the DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 111 is the second most popular design.

The rounded shape is ideal for septic tanks up to 14 inches in height with diameters up to 31".

The rock is widest down near the bottom making it important to double check that there is enough available space up near the top.

The rock ships with 4 ground stakes. Venting septic rocks is recommended. Vents can be added to the rock purchase and are painted to color match prior to installation and shipping.

Available DekoRRa Model 111 Colors: 111RB Riverbed, 111FS Fieldstone, 111SS Sandstone, 111AB Autumn Bluff


3. DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 102

Third in line is the DekoRRa 102 Model. This is a customer favorite due in part to it's ultra natural rounded shape which blends in well with a wide variety of front and back yard landscapes.

The 102 is also big on size with a generous amount of interior space available fairly high up the interior rock walls. Medium to tall sized residential water wells can often be hidden under the versatile and attractive DekoRRa 102 Model Mock Rocks.

Available DekoRRa Model 102 Colors: 102RB Riverbed, 102FS Fieldstone, 102SS Sandstone, 102AB Autumn Bluff

4. DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 112

DekoRRa Mock Rock 112

Coming in at #4 is the DekoRRa 112 Model. With its low profile design and generous size, the 112 can cover septic tanks with diameters of up to 36", making it an almost perfect fit for any septic application.

The caveat being it can only cover septics up to about 7 inches in height due to it's low profile. Customers really like the texture of the 112 Model Mock Rock.  It has some very realistic accents that make it look extremely natural.

The 112 can be a great option if you have a septic tank in the front or back yard that doesn't poke up too far above grade. Otherwise for septics rising above the 7" mark you will need to consider a Model 111 or 103.

Available DekoRRa Model 112 Colors: 112RB Riverbed, 112FS Fieldstone, 112SS Sandstone, 112AB Autumn Bluff

5. DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 101

Sliding in at number 5 is the DekoRRa 101 which is another great option for covering water well risers in the front or back yard. The 101 features a rounded boulder appearance that blends in well with a wide variety of landscapes.

The 101 model is able to cover wells and other objects up to 20" high, but up at that height inside the rock there are only a couple inches of available space.

There's a lot of available space down near the bottom due to the rocks shape, but up towards the top things get quite cramped. Make sure you measure carefully, especially up at the top of the wellhead if you are considering a 101 Model for your project or application.

Available DekoRRa Model 101 Colors: 101RB Riverbed, 101FS Fieldstone, 101SS Sandstone, 101AB Autumn Bluff

6. DekoRRa Model Rock Model 110

DekoRRa Model 110 Mock Rocks

The 110 Model Mock Rock was designed to fit a specific purpose: hiding and protecting backflow valves. Backflow irrigation and potable water protection valves are notorious for freezing and becoming damaged during cold weather, and the 110 is a great option to prevent it from happening.

It's best suited for backflow valves up to 20" in height and under 36" in length. Care must be taken to factor in the rocks triangular shape. While there is a considerable amount of available interior space at the base, up near the top things get quite snug. Make sure you measure both the length, the height, and the width of the backflow device before considering the Model 110 Mock Rock.

Insulated and heated versions of the 110 are available in case your application requires additional backflow irrigation protection.

Available DekoRRa Model 110 Colors: 110RB Riverbed, 110FS Fieldstone, 110SS Sandstone, 110AB Autumn Bluff

7. DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 108

Dekorra Model 108

Rolling in at number 7 is the DekoRRa 108 Mock Rock model. The 108 is another dual purpose rock cover with customers using it as a pond skimmer cover and for hiding small to medium sized septic caps and cleanouts under 24" in diameter.

When used as a pond skimmer cover the 108 works extremely well due to it's the shape and low profile design. The polymer material is totally non-toxic and fish friendly. No worries of finding your koi or goldfish bobbing belly up due to chemicals leaching from the rock.

The 108 is equally happy on solid ground as an ultra-realistic low profile septic cover. The Model 108 is the only DekoRRa Mock Rock which does not feature staking flanges molded into the side walls. With it's ultra low profile there is no need for wind protection.

Available DekoRRa Model 108 Colors: 108RB Riverbed, 108FS Fieldstone, 108SS Sandstone, 108AB Autumn Bluff

8. DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 104

104rb 104fs 104ss 104ab mock rocks

Big outdoor electrical boxes and water well pumps and pressure tanks require big faux boulder covers. Number 8 in the list, the DekoRRa 104 is all of that and then some.

For covering electrical boxes the 104 model can be ordered with vents to allow for air flow through the rock. This is important as it prevents the electrical components inside the electrical box from overheating. The vents are painted to match the rock color and installed prior to shipping.

For pump house applications the 104 model is available with R-4 insulation or an R-16 insulation bag that slips over the outdoor well pressure tank for freeze and frost protection in cold months.

What's nice about the 104 model is its lightweight for easy access under the rock. Simply removing the stakes and tilting the rock up from one end allows for fast and easy access to any pump or utility box underneath. The 104 model is also a popular option for large backflow valves and tall septic risers over 36" in diameter than the smaller 103 Model is not large enough to hide.

Available DekoRRa Model 104 Colors: 104RB Riverbed, 104FS Fieldstone, 104SS Sandstone, 104AB Autumn Bluff

9. DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 114

DekoRRa 114 Mock Rocks For Sale

Even larger than the 104 Model is the big and bold DekoRRa Mock Rock 114 which is ideal for large outdoor water pumps and tall electrical boxes and utility boxes.

The 114 is the largest Mock Rock DekoRRa makes and it is capable of covering objects up to 58" in height depending on the length and width of the object being covered.

The 114 can handle objects up to 44" in diameter as long as they are not over 18 inches or so in height. Up near the top of the rock there is enough space to cover up to 28" in diameter.

The 114 is available with R-4 Pro-R insulation in addition to the R-13 insulation bags which provide additional frost and freeze protection when temperatures dip below freezing. Electrical heat can be added to the rock as well as vents for applications where airflow is necessary to cool internal components.

Available DekoRRa Model 114 Colors: 114RB Riverbed, 114FS Fieldstone, 114SS Sandstone, 114AB Autumn Bluff

10. DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 117

117 boulder

Last but not least is the DekoRRa 117 which serves a variety of applications including covering cable tv boxes, pumps, pipes, irrigation valves and backflow prevention valves that are relatively low to the ground.

The 117 is one of DekoRRa's newest models and is a spin-off of the model 110. Where the 110 model is a bit taller and skinnier up top, the 117 features more of a rectangular shape that retains more width higher up the interior rock walls.

When covering electric pumps and utility or cable tv boxes it's important to include vents in the rock in order to supply adequate air flow for overheat prevention.

Available DekoRRa Model 117 Colors: 117RB Riverbed, 117FS Fieldstone, 117SS Sandstone, 117AB Autumn Bluff

It’s important to bear in mind that this top ten list is only a small sampling of the entire DekoRRa product line. If you don’t see a particular model you think will fit your application there are many more to choose from.

The most important thing to remember in regards to selecting the correct faux boulder is sizing. It’s imperative that you measure the object you intend to cover carefully and use the interior dimension charts to determine which versions will fit the best.

When in doubt it is always wise to order a size larger vs smaller. The larger model will still work, but go too small and you’ll end up with a return on your hands. In some cases rocks that are too small can be given a boost with mulch or stone at the bottom, effectively lowering the height of the object. But mistakes in measuring width and length are almost always unfixable.

The easiest way to find the perfect fit is to simply measure the object you intend to cover and enter the exact dimensions into the sizing chart on this page.

One of our rock experts will look at the dimensions provided and email you a list of options that will best fit the object(s) you intend to cover.