How To Use Well Pump House Fake Rock Covers

When it comes to insulating, protecting and providing freeze protection for outdoor well pumps and pressure tanks many homeowners are faced with the issue of what kind of enclosure to use. Cost, maintenance, appearance and ease of access are all concerns when choosing a well house cover.

In many cases it’s not only protecting and insulating the well and pressure tanks that’s important, but also aesthetics and curb appeal are on top of the list as many large outdoor water well pumps can be quite unsightly.

Luckily, DekoRRa has designed 3 fake rock covers which function extremely well as well pump house applications. All of the models listed below can be purchased with vents installed and with two different varieties of insulation. Get for more info on these 3 best selling well pump house covers here.

DekoRRa Model 103 Fake Rock Cover – This model is a great option for small to medium size water well pressure tank and pump configurations. The rounded dome shape of the DekoRRa Model 103 provides a very realistic boulder like appearance, and there is enough height inside the rock for a variety of well and pressure tank configurations. If you’re in need of a well pump house for a small to medium size pressure tank and pump with a compact footprint, the DekoRRa Model 103 could be perfect.

For large outdoor water pumps and pressure tanks, the DekoRRa Model 104 may be a better choice.  The square boulder shape is taller and wider than the Model 103 and features more interior height, width and length both at the base and up near the top. Large outdoor well tanks can stand quite tall, and the DekoRRa Model 104 makes a great well pump house for these larger pressure tanks and pump layouts on concrete slabs with wide footprints down near the base.

And for applications requiring even larger well house covers or for layouts requiring a well pump house cover over a very tall standing well pressure tank, the DekoRRa Model 114 is the biggest of the bunch. The tiered design was specifically engineered to cover and insulate very large outdoor pump and pressure tank configurations.

Why use a fake rock cover instead of a traditional well pump house cover to protect and insulate an exterior well pump and pressure tank? One reason is ease of use. The DekoRRa fake rocks are made of a ultra durable and highly UV resistant resin material that will not chip, flake or crack (it’s much better than fiberglass pump covers). The pre-molded design is easily set over the entire outdoor pump and pressure tank to provide protection and insulation. Flanges at the base of each model make securing the edges of the rock to the ground or to a concrete pad fast and easy.

Curb appeal is another big plus. The realistic texture and color is all molded into the walls of the fake rocks. They look great and blend in well to almost any landscape. It’s a zero maintenance design offering easy install, security, with the option to add insulation and an electric heat source all in one ready to use package.
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