Buy The Best Septic Tank Filter Baffles

Septic tank filters and baffles can literally make or break your septic system.

If left uncleaned or not replaced regularly, a clogged septic filter can create a whole host of issues that can cause a lot of costly and stinky damage to your home.

How much does a top rated septic tank filter cost?

Depending on the make and model of the septic tank and the size of the tank, a septic tank effluent filter (or baffle) can cost from $30 to $200 on average.

The septic tank filters help in keeping solids from entering the leech field. It’s for this reason that you need to install one in your septic tank.

In the market, however, septic tank baffles are available in a large variety of brands. Selecting the best, therefore, becomes a difficult task.

In this article, we discuss a few of the best septic tank filter baffles and their importance.

Why is it essential to use a septic filter?
Septic filters are essential in residential sewage systems as they help to eliminate water waste. The filtered water will contain only the bacteria on release to the soil. The soil finalizes the filtering process by absorbing the bacteria.

The filter also protects the leech field from solids that may clog the pipes. That prevents decomposition, and therefore, enhances the long life of the sewage system. Sewer line backflow preventers are another great option for containing potential septic overflow and backflow issues.

Here is our list of the best septic effluent filters and baffles to buy:

1. Tuf-Tite EF-6 Effluent Filter

The top selling Tuf-Tite EF-6 has a capacity of 1, 500 gals in a day. It also removes the solids as small as 1/16”.

Due to its high-performance ratings, the filter can increase the life-span of the septic system. The device is a power saver and suitable for cost-saving.

This model also features:

  • 1,500 gallons per day
  • Removes solids up to 1/16″
  • Fast & easy installation
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Our Rating: (5/5)



2. Tuff-Tite EF-4 Residential Septic Filter

The EF-4 is yet another of Tuf-Tite products. It has a capacity of approximately 800 gallons in a day. It runs as deep as 86 ft and can filter solids as small as 1/16”.

As a result, the filter helps to increase the durability of the septic tank and improve its performance. Its lightweight and construction are tough enough to withstand the harsh environment within the septic tank.

This model also features:

  • 800 gallons per day capacity
  • Removes solids up to 1/16″
  • Improves septic performance
  • Extremely durable

Our Rating: (4/5)



3. SimTech 4” Septic Tank Filter Baffle

The SimTech effluent filter is one of the most effective with the ability to remove small tissues, hair, and lint, among other solid particles in the septic tank.

It is easy to install and fits in a 4” pipe. It can extract 1200 gallons in a day and has 2200 square inches of filtration.

Its design features the non-directional bristles that do offer unrestricted flow. It’s useful and one of the best that you can consider purchasing from the stores.

This model also features:

  • 1200 gallons per day capacity
  • 2200 square inches of effluent filtering media
  • Non-directional filter bristles
  • Easy installation

Our Rating: (4/5)



4. EF-4 Tuf-Tite Septic Tank Filter & Housing Combo

The EF-4 Combo filter also can remove solids of size 1/16” during the filtration process. That minimizes the effects of silting in the septic, and therefore, extends its life span.

It also has the capacity of up to 800 gallons every day and runs as deep as 86 ft. The filter and the septic baffle are NSF approved with a rating of 46. That shows their reliability

This model also features:

  • 800 gallons per day capacity
  • Can be installed as deep as 86feet
  • Includes septic baffle filter media and housing
  • Easy installation

Our Rating: (5/5)



Buy Top Rated Septic Filters
The best septic tank filters and baffles are all going to be easy to install and can be accessed quickly for routine cleaning and maintenance at any time of year.

If your septic tank is experiencing frequent back-ups, or frequently smells foul the solution could be buying a new septic tank filter.

It’s important to understand that the septic system baffle can become clogged when things like Q-tips, plastic, wrappers, tampons and other waste is thrown into the toilet and flushed.

It doesn’t take long for these materials to build up and clog or destroy the septic system filter.

Don’t skimp on quality when shopping for a new septic tank baffle or filter. Going the cheap route could end up costing a lot more in damage to your home from a backed up septic system!

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