Top Ten Best Outdoor Rock Speakers 2020

Whether it’s an outdoor pool party or a nighttime patio bonfire bash, having music at hand is a must. With a wide selection of the top 10 best wireless and wired outdoor faux rock speakers to choose from, knowing which type to buy can be a challenge.

If you go the ultra-cheap route, you will probably end up with a very basic AM radio-style sound because the super inexpensive units are manufactured with low-quality audio components. The fit and finish of the inexpensive models also leave a lot to be desired.

And while the best wireless Bluetooth outdoor rock speakers are quite pricey, they offer outstanding sound quality and components designed to last for years to come.

The higher-end models usually feature a two-way speaker system consisting of a crossover and a mid-range speaker and tweeter combination. Lower end outdoor faux rock speakers usually only feature a single speaker.

From a manufacturer’s standpoint, designing the best outdoor rock speakers for a price that will work for everyone’s budget, is a complex task in and of itself.

Below, I’ve listed the top ten models on the market. Each model that made it onto my top-ten list has something unique to offer, whether it’s a full rich sound, a beginner-friendly design, or it’s simply reasonably priced and loaded with some great basic features.

So, read on to check out which speakers made it onto my top ten list and why.

1.    Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker BY OSD Sound Appeal

Bluetooth outdoor rock-speaker

This standalone outdoor faux rock speaker by OSD Sound Appeal utilizes Bluetooth technology in order to allow you to listen to your favorite music at your next family gathering, barbecue, karaoke night, or another type of outdoor event.

Not only does the speaker provide a better than average wireless streaming range of one hundred feet, but it also features a durable design that will protect the rock from damage due to inclement weather.

This model also features:

  • iPhone and Bluetooth device compatibility
  • Volume controls
  • Multilayer cabinet design
  • Canyon sandstone finish
  • 6.50” woofer driver
  • 60 watt RMS output power
  • Built-in amp
  • One-inch dome tweeter

Our Rating: (5/5)

2.    Innovative Technology Premium Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speakers

bluetooth outdoor grey slate rock speaker pair

These slate grey faux rock speakers are definitely head turners. This leading pair of speakers by Sound Appeal comes loaded with all the bells and whistles you could want in your backyard sound system. They feature a music streaming range of one hundred feet and are iOS and Bluetooth device compatible. Users will also have total control over volume and sound quality via the built-in controls that are easily accessible. The base of each faux rock speaker is flat as if cut with a wet tile saw. The flat base makes each speaker very stable when set outside.

Other features include:

  • One year product warranty
  • Durable cabinet design can withstand intense heat and cold
  • Forty-watt high-efficiency class D built-in amp
  • Impressive frequency response
  • One hundred and ten to two hundred and twenty volt AC input

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

3.    Theater Solutions 2R8G Outdoor Two Speaker Set

theater solutions 2r8g

The Theater Solutions two-speaker set by Goldwood Rock Speakers can be the perfect addition to your backyard setup. Their unique, realistic design and granite grey coloring allow them to easily blend into the background, so they’re a perfect choice for your greenhouse, garden, patio, sunroom, and more.

Their multilayer weatherproof silicone cabinet design will allow you to leave the speakers outdoors, year-round.

Other top features:

  • Rust-resistant grills
  • Poly Mica woofers with eight OHM drivers complete with sealed voice coils
  • Ninety-seven DB rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

4.    Theater Solutions 2R8S Outdoor Sandstone 8″ Rock 2 Speaker Set

theater solutions 2r8s outdoor sandstone

This is another great pair of high-quality outdoor speakers by Theater solutions. These speakers feature a two-way design for optimal sound, top of the line eight-inch poly mica woofers complete with sealed voice coils, and a durable cabinet design that will allow you to set up your outdoor speakers anywhere in your garden, patio, or backyard, and leave them out all year. These rock speakers are definitely designed to last. Waterproof, and rust-resistant, clearly, this is a manufacturer that has thought of everything.

The speakers also offer:

  • Ninety-seven DB efficiency rating
  • A recommended power of ten up to two hundred and fifty watts per speaker
  • Soft dome tweeters that are ferro fluid cooled

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

5.    Acoustic Audio G4RS Granite Faux Rock Speaker Pair Outdoor Weatherproof Full Range Speakers

acoustic audio g4rs

Stylish, functional, and beginner-friendly, these faux rock speakers will be right at home at your next barbeque bash. Like all models produced by Acoustic Audio, these rock speakers feature a durable construction that ensures they’ll last season after season since they’re specifically designed to withstand rain, high winds, ice, and snow.

In terms of power, each speaker can handle up to two hundred watts. Both come complete with a four and a half inch subwoofer complete with sealed voice coils.

Other outstanding features you’ll love include:

  • ¾ inch soft dome tweeter
  • Silicone sealed glass reinforced resin enclosure
  • 70hZ to 20 kHz frequency response

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

6.    Dual Electronics Two-Way Indoor/Outdoor Fake Rock Speaker

dual electronics lur66e

The two-way six and a half inch faux rock speaker by Dual Electronics features an innovative acoustic suspension design that adds to the speaker’s versatility in terms of mounting and installation. Not only is the speaker encased in a tough composite enclosure, but it’s also equipped with rust-resistant aluminum grills and topped off with a UV coating that will prevent fading and sun damage.

Best features:

  • One hundred and fifty watts of peak power
  • Two-layer, one-inch voice coil
  • ¾ inch tweeter
  • Sixty watt RMS rating
  • Ten-ounce neodymium magnet
  • One-year warranty

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

7.    Acoustic Audio B8RS Sandstone Imitation Rock Full Range Speakers

acoustic audio b8rs

Acoustic Audio has done it again by producing durable outdoor rock speakers that are designed to easily handle whatever mother nature can throw at it while providing your backyard, atrium, or garden with crystal clear sound and rich, full bass. Able to handle up to four hundred watts of power, these speakers come equipped with eight-inch woofers, butyl rubber surround, and sealed voice coils.

Other important features:

  • Two-way speaker design
  • One-inch soft dome speakers
  • Four-inch raw wire leads
  • Weatherproof and waterproof

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

8.    Theater Solutions 4R4S Outdoor Rock Speakers 4 Piece Set

theater solutions 4R4S

These Theater Solutions speakers offer high-quality sound in a compact weather-resistant design that ensures these speakers can handle rain, sleet, snow, and high wind conditions. The size of the set makes them a perfect choice for larger backyards, or you can use one speaker per outdoor space, including your patio, backyard, garden, or atrium.

Aside from the realistic fake rock design that will add some charm to any space, they also offer optimal sound quality thanks to their innovative design. Specially designed for outdoor use, these speakers come equipped with drivers that are positioned at a twenty-degree angle inside the enclosure, so they’re sure to provide quality sound when placed at ground level.

Other must-have features include:

  • Four and a half inch poly mica woofers complete with sealed voice coils
  • Ferro-fluid cooled soft dome tweeters
  • Two-way speaker design

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

9. OSD Audio Wireless 2-Way Outdoor Rock Speaker Pair

OSD audio wireless 2-way pair

This two-way outdoor faux rock speaker set from OSD Audio features a realistic design that allows them to fit in perfectly on your patio, in your backyard, or in any type of outdoor environment. They come equipped with a two-inch soft dome tweeter and cone woofer, both of which help to deliver a crystal clear listening experience and full rich bass.

The set is also waterproof and has an impressive 1P67 rating, which means they’re designed to withstand heavy downpours, snow, and high wind conditions.

Important specs:

  • Master and pairing speakers
  • Waterproof power supply
  • Ten-foot speaker cable
  • Built-in wireless receiver
  • Internal amp

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

10.    Theater Solutions 4R4G New Wired Outdoor Garden Waterproof Faux  Rock Patio Speakers

theater solutions 4r4g

The R4G outdoor speakers by Theater Solutions will add a touch of charm to any backyard while providing the type of crystal clear listening experience that most buyers are looking for. This is a four-piece set, so you’ll have plenty of options in terms of placement.

Best features:

  • Ninety-four DB efficiency rating
  • Two-way speaker design
  • Waterproof and weatherproof construction
  • Rust-resistant grills
  • Twenty-degree angled drivers offer optimal sound at ground level
  • Rubber surround

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Final Thoughts On The Best Outdoor Rock Speakers

As you can see, each of these speakers features the same type of durable construction that any buyer is looking for when they’re shopping around for outdoor speakers. However, despite the thick rugged construction, sound quality is not compromised.

Each of the best faux rock speakers that landed on our top ten list earned high marks in a variety of areas, including price, style, power, RMS rating, and overall sound quality.

While the best wireless Bluetooth outdoor rock speakers can deliver excellent overall sound quality, the power and sound quality of the wired models is always going to be better in the long run. There is also less to go wrong with the wired speakers with fewer components actually inside the rock enclosure.

Bluetooth wireless outdoor speakers contain the amplifier, wireless receiver and power source all inside the faux rock enclosure. The wired models work more like traditional outside stereo speakers with power running through the speaker wires and into a crossover which splits the audio signals into low and high frequencies and delivers the sound to the appropriate coaxial speaker.

While overall sound quality and loudness may excel with wired outdoor boulder speakers, they are not as convenient and cannot be moved around as easily as the any of the top 10 Bluetooth wireless faux rock speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Rock Speakers

Question: What is the best outdoor wireless Bluetooth rock speaker?

Answer: The best wireless Bluetooth rock speakers will be completely waterproof and designed to withstand heat from the sun. It is important they feature lithium batteries for long charge times. Make sure the speaker charging ports are also waterproof because these can leak and water can ruin the internal electronic components.

Question: How many watts do I need for outdoor speakers?

Answer: How many watts required for outdoor speakers depends on the size of the listening area and how loud you want the music. If it is a large outdoor area then higher watt speakers in the 20w range are best. However, in most residential back yard patio settinigs speakers in the 5w to 10w range are usually fine.

Question: How do I set up an outdoor sound system?

Answer: The first step in constructing an outdoor sound system is to decide if you want wired or wireless speakers. A wired system will require a stereo amplifier and speaker wires to connect the speakers while a wireless system usually connects to the audio source via Bluetooth. Keep in mind that wired speakers do not require any seperate power source while wireless speakers require either an electric outlet of battery.


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