Well Pump Covers

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When choosing well pump covers there are several things to consider.

First you want to distinguish where the well pump and motor is located. Most residential well installations feature the well pump submerged down in the well shaft. An electric motor in the pump creates pressure and pushes the water up the well shaft and into the home where it is pressurized and sent throughout the home’s faucets and toilets.

An exterior well ensemble includes the pump and electric motor above the ground and positioned next to the pressure tank which is also outside. These installations are usually on a concrete slab and the pump and electric motor is not submerged in water. Without water to cool the electric motor, airflow must be used.

This is one of the reasons why it is important that some well pump covers be vented, while others do not need to be vented. As a general rule, if the water well pump is submerged down in the well, then vents are not necessary when looking to buy well pump covers.

However, placing an unventilated enclosure over a well installation with an exterior mounted pump and motor can result in an overheated pump and expansive repairs.

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