Well Pump House

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Outdoor water well pumps and tanks often times require some sort of protective structure to keep them insulated and separated from the elements.

Building a shed or stick built frame can be very costly and time-consuming and most of these designs will require maintenance like painting over time.

Since the outdoor well tank and pump may require periodic maintenance, it is important that there is easy access to the components and enough room to work around the pump, tanks and piping.

A Fast And Easy Well Pump House Solution

Instead of all the expense and backbreaking work of building an enclosure from scratch, use a large size faux boulder to protect the entire unit the fast and easy way.

Our extra large size faux boulders are big enough to flip over many outdoor well pump and tank layouts. The lightweight design makes carrying the fake boulders an easy one or two person job. And once on site the cover is easily lifted up and over the well. Special flanges at the bottom of the rock allows one to pound the included ground stakes into the earth to pin the rock in place.

Or if the outdoor well is on a concrete pad then concrete anchors can be used to pin the rock in place.

To access the components underneath the rock one needs to simply lift the rock up and to the side or just tilt one side up and flip the rock away. They are extremely durable and scratch resistant and constructed of highly UV resistant materials.

Well pump house rocks can also be insulated and heated for additional protection during cold winter months.

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